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Our staff of skilled composite technicians create everything from plugs to molds to finished composite parts. We utilize wet layup processes of fiberglass and carbon fiber to produce your custom composite products.


We offer many molding solutions from urethane molding to injection molding. If you are looking to produce a large quantity of product, talk to us about our molding solutions.



Our trained staff of technicians and artists can take your product's development to the next level through casting and one-off models.



Production Technologies Inc. offers specialized services in composite fabrication. Our background is in the amusement industry producing fiberglass products. We work with our customers to design and create their unique products. Click here to see photos of our most recent composite projects.

PTI also offers molding solutions for urethane molding, injection molding, and casting. Our trained staff of technicians is able to help you take your product idea to mass production. Click here to see photos of our most recent casting and molding projects.

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